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Hello, I wrote in German on Google play and I'm one of those who uses t9 throughout... So I'd like to join the discussion here but haven't tried it because it's my most important feature and there is so much details that can affect typing a lot.
So I'm missing a try before you buy version.
I would pay even more for a keyboard that offers quick typing without hassles.
It's possible, but for seamless operation there's quite some tricks to be thought of.

I'm aware of the fact that a lot of issues depend on what one is used to.
Despite I find many solutions not being developed in details so one ends up with editing quite a bit.
Not all of the demands can be solved by the dictionary itself, so a quick edit function is fundamental.

For sure all of this is not new to you, but I have been typing with T9 for years now and I would be glad to share ideas or suggest some points.
The best known keyboard with all features was Touchpal, but it was full of ads even Google banned it.

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Comments: 3