Bug: Swipe to undo auto correct conflicts with swipe on multi-option keys.

To reproduce: Use keyboard until an auto correction is made. Finish the sentence by swiping down on '.' (Period). The undo auto correct action takes precedence over the swipe to type gesture. This means I end up having to manually correct the undo auto correct before or after finishing my sentence with punctuation which, in practicality, breaks the undo auto correct usefulness; it ends up leading to more actions per minute.

I would propose only certain areas trigger undo AC or that punctuation keys are excluded from the event listener. Or, give the button gesture precedence over the undo AC. Hope this helps! In the mean time the feature isn't worth it for me 😅🙏.

Under consideration Suggested by: Brandon K Upvoted: 07 Jan Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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